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Rose of Sharon Acres Blog
Thursday, January 18 2018

Are you tired of being let down by commercial soaps which promise clear, fresh skin with their added vitamins and benefits? Your search ends here because using the delicious smelling natural goat milk soap isn't just relaxing but naturally good for your skin also. That's right! One reason your skin looks smooth and fresh after using natural goat milk soaps is goat milk contains alpha hydroxy acids which break down dead skin cells and leave new ones. Literally, the soap gently removes the dry skin and leaves a brand new layer.

Goat milk also naturally contains vitamins B6/B12, C, D, E and A!  Vitamin A is necessary to repair skin damage and excellent for those suffering from Acne breakouts.  Vitamins A and E are also natural antioxidents which neutrelize free radicals stopping many skin issues before they start.   All this comes INCLUDED in our soaps - naturally!

The content of natural goat milk soaps aid in reducing skin inflammation which makes skin appear less blotchy, red, and puffy. Nothing compares to the rich moisture, natural high fat content of natural goat milk soaps to keep your skin soft, moist and exfoliated.


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