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Handmade soap and other natural body products are only as good as the ingredients used to produce them!  We have chosen our ingredients with the intention of creating very high quality, wholesome products that are truly nutritional for skin care.  We are painfully aware that skin cells are like thousands of tiny mouths that 'eat' everything that they are exposed to - the condition of our skin is directly related to our overall health.  It pays to care for our largest organ which is the first line of defense against disease. 

The number one ingredient in 'grocery' store soaps is sodium tallowate.  What is it? Rendered down slaughter house waste which can include internal organs, brain matter, intestines, etc. It's cheap and not good for your skin.  Other chemicals added to it result in a compound called 'detergent' which is drying, irritating and cheap to make.  Wonder why you're itchy and sticky feeling after a shower?

In oral care, the capillaries in the mouth take everything directly to the blood stream making your toothpaste choices of paramount importance.  Commerical toothpastes contain a host of nasty ingredients that are not at all healthy for the consumer.


This is a work in progress .....

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