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Why Goat Milk is Important in Handmade Soap?

The handmade / artisian soap  industry has gained momentum throughout the last decade as people become more aware of the impure ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfate, in the mass produced soap industry.  Realizing that what you put 'on' your skin goes 'into' your body is finally making headway into the homes of informed people.  So with the rise of this industry, why would one choose Goat Milk Soap over soaps made with water?

Properties in Goat Milk cannot be reproduced in any chemically produced body product!

 It's unique and God given.


Goat Milk has been used since ancient times as a natural cleanser. It is one of the finest moisturizers and has excellent emollient properties. Goat Milk contains vitamin A, and several B vitamins including riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12. Vitamin A is extremely important in skin care and aids in curtailing acne and may also help with eczema.  Water based soaps can add vitamins, but most don't so this benefit is lacking.

Alpha-hydroxy acids contained in goat milk are believed to have rejuvenating effects on skin cells and the rich butterfat softens and moisturizes. Alpha-hydroxy acids penetrate the top layers of the skin, epidermis and upper dermis, to achieve exfoliation (sloughing of old skin cells). Exfoliation stimulates the skin and healthy cells are regenerated. The effect essentially is "anti-aging." The skin is smoother and softer with an overall lessening of fine wrinkles and skin discoloration. The hydroxy acids are also used to improve scaling, precancerous growths (actinic keratoses) on sun-damaged skin. In addition, there is also great benefit with acne. Dead skin cells are exfoliated, opening the pores. Alpha hydroxy acids have been used for thousands of years as a skin rejuvenating product. Water based soaps can add chemicals that result in this process, but skin damage will always be the end result.

Goat milk with it's abundance of cream actually 'feeds' the skin and permeates through the cell walls delivering calcium similiar to patches applied to the skin.  In hair care, goat milk replenishes the moisture in every strand by penetrating the hair shaft. It nourishes the scalp which adds life, luster and body to the hair. Because we  milk our own goats, we can assure our customers that no hormones or antibiotics are included in this milk.

Goat Milk contains minerals such as selenium.  This important mineral is believe by scientists to have an important role in preventing skin cancer.  We provide 'free choice' minerals to our herd and provide extra selenium for them to ensure their health which is transferred into their rich milk.

We personally make all of our goat milk soaps by hand in small batches using the cold process method. To make soap, there is a liquid and oil side.  The liquid side of our soaps contain 100% goat milk with no dilutions unless specifically included on the label.  That is one reason that our soaps produce such dramatic results with your skin.

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