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Name: Pam Coleman
Date: 04/01/2012
Message: Looking for Nubian does.

Name:  Guy Muto
Date: 01/16/2012
Message: I am interested in the purchase of goats in near future Texas is a long way for me to go! I'm from MA Guy

Name: Brian & Joye Montgomery
Date: 01/14/2012
Message: My husband love the Nubian goat milk and want us to get a goat so that I can milk her. We have learned that the goat milk is MUCH better for you than cows milk!

Name: Sarah Carpenter
Date: 12/29/2011
Message: I am glad to have found your site. I am hoping that your products can help to avoid a root canal on my little boy.

Name: Terri Chadd
Date: 10/23/2011
Message: The Tea Tree/Lavender soap is helping to clear the acne and the Calendula/Comfrey Salve is helping to keep the Ezcema in Joe's hands under control. Hugs and Blessings!!

Name: Raymond Bish
Date: 09/13/2011
Message: looking for toothpaste without mint in it.

Name: Sharon M.
Date: 08/31/2011
Message: What a wonderful site can't wait to place an order!

Date: 08/12/2011
Message: looking forward to trying your products and sharing them with my fellow nurse co-workers.

Name: Kelly W.
Date: 07/27/2011
Message: Hi there! Your site was recommended to me by my sister-in-law, and I like lots of what I see! I had some questions about some of your products, but on the 'Contact' form I kept getting a message that I didn't have the security code right...? Thanks! ~Kelly

Name: Tamii Whitworth
Date: 07/12/2011
Message: Monica, I was not aware of your business, how cool is this!!

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