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Tooth Remineralization
Tooth Chips Soap For Teeth

On Remineralization!  Yes, Teeth can remineralize and be bright and white through healthy diet which brings healthy saliva to your teeth.  

The surface of your teeth has tiny tubes that transport minerals from the saliva into the tooth to build enamel.  A healthy, organic diet will ensure that minerals are in your bloodstream.  The flow of mineral rich saliva around your teeth enables them to rebuild any weak spot that could develop into a cavity.  The only way that the saliva can do it's job is if the teeth have a clean, slick surface.  This enables the mineral crystals to build back enamel.  Commercial toothpastes sold in stores contain many harmful ingredients, but the major problem is that it gums up the end of the tooth's tubules preventing the minerals from building back your tooth structure daily.  This is because commercial toothpastes with the addition of 60% glycerin make a barrier on the teeth which would require 20 rinses to get it off.  With our Dental Soap, you just need 3 rinses to get clean, slick teeth!

                                  Tooth Soap distributed to our armed service men in 1926!  There's nothing new under the sun :)


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