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Ages Ago Acres Nubian Buck On the Bayou

Pure Bred Nubian 'Ages Ago Acres On the Bayou aka Bill E Gumbo' comes to our farm from Missouri and are we ever thankful for him.  Bayou carries old Nubian lines like Copper Hill, Infinity and Goldthwaite.  G6Normal

Victory Meadows Nubian Buck - Tumblin Walls

For Sale....$675 This boy will bring wonderful genetics to your field.  

Color....genetics....conformation? what more could a breeder ask for? Click on his picture for more info.

Maud Maid Kids Asa Spades

June 2017

The progeny of Queen Acres Inky Inspiration aka Spirit and Victory Meadows Deja Vu this boy has so many wonderful
character traits of award winning Nubians that we couldn't let him go.  He has an amazing family tree which we pray will
​produce wonderful progeny.

***SOLD November 2015***

Drove a long distance for this boy and we are so thankful that we did.  He's grown into a beautiful buck with a wonderfully wide chest and broad hips.  He has great conformation and color!

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